Monday, September 4, 2017

IEEE May/June Issue, Blog, and SE Radio Summary

Associate Editor: Brittany Johnson (@drbrittjaydlf)

The May/June issue of IEEE Software provided a wide range articles on software-related issues; from energy-aware systems to deep learning, there's something for just about everyone. Although the focus of this issue was automotive software, there are features on various other software topics.

The focus topic in this issue of IEEE Software was Automotive Software. This issue featured the following articles on Automotive Software.

As suggested by the Editor, Diomidis Spinellis, in his article "How Abundance Changes Software Engineering", increase in software processing power has lead to changes in how we use computing technologies. This includes the relatively recent innovation of automotive software. In "Future Automotive Architecture and the Impact of IT Trends", Traub and colleagues discuss the opportunities that advances in IT and consumer-electronics afford the automotive industry. Much of the discussion focuses on the importance of seamless and scalable architecture for automotive software.

With the creation of things like Google's self driving car, and the potential for this to be a commercially available product, the importance of security in the software behind our vehicles is increasing. The authors of "Secure Automotive Software: The Next Steps" discuss this issue in depth, starting with the challenges faced by developers that work on automotive software.  Based on these challenges, the authors discuss some recommendations they have for improving the security of software used in the auto industry. Some of their recommendations include using static analysis for compile-time assurance and cryptography for runtime protection.

This issue also included articles on the feature topics of mobile app development, agile development, continuous deployment, and the business of software engineering  encompassed in the following articles:

IEEE Software Blog

The topics in the blog posts for May and June show a little more diversity than last month's...figuratively and literally. Anna Filippova of Carnegie Mellon contributed a blog post on how brainstorming can be used to support inclusiveness in diverse teams. Other topics discussed in these blog posts include cross-stack configuration errorslibrary adoption, and the effect of casual contributions on software quality.

SE Radio 

In this issue, SE Radio welcomed another new host, Matthew Farwell of Nexthink. In his debut, he spoke with Yakov Fain about Angular, including who should use it and why. Many of the episodes in this issue center around technologies and how developers are using them, including ElasticsearchDocker, and LLVM.  SE Radio also deployed a listener survey to get feedback from their listeners -- don't forget to provide your feedback!

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