Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Launching 2019

Launching 2019!

By: Xabier Larrucea 

During these last months, we have been revamping the approach for this blog. In fact, this blog is aligned to the mission of the IEEE Software magazine: ”IEEE Software‘s mission is to be the best source of reliable, useful, peer-reviewed information for leading software practitioners”)[1] . In this sense, the IEEE Software blog is the forum for publishing technical and free results aligned to the IEEE Software magazine mission.

Basically, the success of this blog is based on the contributions made by top researchers in the field, and by an accurate list of experienced associate editors which contribute directly to publish high quality posts. In fact, each associate editor receives, reviews and manages contributions, and provide support for each post.

Fig. 1 How do we work

It is worthy to note that these articles in the form of posts are not referenced as it is traditionally understood. However, researchers can share their works, and to contact other researchers/practitioners aiming to contribute to these topics. Therefore, this blog can be used as a way to share the latest results and to contact other researchers/practitioners aiming to contribute to these posts. In fact, our main goal is to link research to practice and practice to research, and it complements other efforts including magazine and SE Radio and feature in progress ideas/research results. In addition, these posts create an ecosystem of articles around different topics, and they can be seen as seeds for creating new articles or enhanced articles which may be submitted as regular articles or as articles for special issues.  

This blog is part of the multimedia tools used for promoting the IEEE Software magazine, including not only special issues’ articles but also SE Radio podcasts and the different social networks. The success of these tools, and basically the success of this blog, relies on the active and constructive contributions from the Software Engineering community.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mei Nagappan (@MeiNagappan) as Editor of this blog and for his great efforts on creating and supporting this blog along these last years. In addition, I would like to extend these congratulations to the existing associate editors which are contributing extensively with the success of this blog. In fact, this list has been reinforced and extended with new associate editors. From now on, I will take over the responsibilities of Mei as Editor of this blog.

So stay tuned because more improvements  and new opportunities are coming soon, and please contact any Associate Editor or even myself (Xabier Larrucea) for publishing your technical articles!


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